Artist in Focus: Jeroen Perceval

85 minuten

Actor Jeroen Perceval needs no introduction. He has starred in excellent films such as Bullhead and D’Ardennen and in TV shows The Day, Over Water and Tabula Rasa. Meanwhile he has also gained quite a reputation as a musician. And he has been working behind the scenes as well, cowriting D’Ardennen. His directorial debut, the short film August, was released in 2014. Perceval is currently working on his feature film debut, for which he also wrote the script. The perfect moment to look back at the short films that shaped the early days of his career.    After the screening on Tuesday, December 3d at 7.30 PM, there is a live Q&A with actor and director Jeroen Perceval. 

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Everybody Sings the Blues

    Marc Goyens :: Belgium :: 11 min. :: 2007

    Oscaar Vantomme is thirty-three and single. His friend Nicky persuades him to record a video message at “Nadine’s relationship agency”.

  • Plan B

    Robin Pront :: Belgium :: 20 min. :: 2008

    Gio and Bolle are two coke dealers from Antwerp. To settle a huge debt with the Albanian mafia, they agree to take in a third roommate. Joost is a Dutch author, who has no idea what the two friends do for a living.

  • Injury Time

    Robin Pront :: Belgium :: 14 min. :: 2010

    Three Antwerp supporters find themselves in Wallonia. After one of them is beaten up badly by some rival football fans, Sid wants to get home as soon as possible. But loose cannon Van Dessel has other plans…

  • La Proie

    Jonas Baeckeland - Blauwhuis :: Belgium :: 17 min. :: 2013

    Ali Toumi is net ontsnapt uit een Belgische gevangenis. Met een nieuw paspoort op zak hoopt hij op een propere lei en een nieuw leven voor hem en zijn zoon. De ontmoeting met een oude bekende doet Ali hervallen in oude gewoontes.

  • August

    Jeroen Perceval :: Belgium :: 18 min. :: 2014

    August is a carefree boy who loves exploring and playing outside with his best friend Lize. One day, he is confronted with the darker side of life and suddenly Lize doesn't want to hang out with him anymore.