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VAF-Sessie Rond Duurzame Kortfilms

Since 2013, VAF is strongly committed to sustainable filming. From then on, 44 feature films and tv-series from 25 different producers followed the e-Mission project. VAF helps producers and crews by offering them personal coaching. A brochure about sustainable filming was developed, as well as calculation tools for hotels, hybrid cars and the CO2-emission of a whole production, an overview of green best practices on set and a checklist with efficient and attainable measurements per department.

It is already an obligation for feature films and series, and from 2017 onward that is also the case for short films (Fiction and FilmLab). What does this mean exactly? And what can VAF do for you? Find out during this information session.

Cost: Free. Reservation mandatory (until Wednesday 7 December) via > nieuwe aanvraag > Talentontwikkeling & duurzaam filmen > e-Mission