Isabel Lamberti
Netherlands | 2017 | 25 min. | Coming-of-age

A day in the life of four Dutch teenage girls. Their behavior is influenced by the absence of affection, in the broad sense of the word, in their environment. How do you give love when you have never been shown any? 

This short film is part of following compilations

Europese Competitie: Programma 5 Tuesday 5/12 21u45 in Cinema ZED (buy tickets)
Europese Competitie: Programma 5 Thursday 7/12 22u15 in Labozaal (buy tickets)
Europese Competitie: Programma 5 Friday 8/12 17u00 in Cinema ZED (buy tickets)


Marc Bary, Steven Malamud Rubinstein


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