Joschka Laukeninks
Germany | 2016 | 8 min. | Drama

A man’s life flashes before his eyes. Left by his mother at a young age, he grows up with his aggressive father and fights his way through adolescence. When he meets the woman of his life, everything seems to fall into place. Until everything changes again.

This short film is part of following compilations

Europese Competitie: Programma 5 Tuesday 5/12 21u45 in Cinema ZED (buy tickets)
Europese Competitie: Programma 5 Thursday 7/12 22u15 in Labozaal (buy tickets)
Europese Competitie: Programma 5 Friday 8/12 17u00 in Cinema ZED (buy tickets)


Benjamin Horstkotte, Tobias Wichura, The Marmalade Films Hamburg


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