Sons of No One

Hans Vannetelbosch
Belgium | 2017 | 21 min. | Drama

Set in a juvenile detention centre, an educator named Eva tries to fight for what she believes is right. After a suspicious incident between a guard and one of the boys, Eva starts to question the guard’s side of the story… 

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Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 1 Tuesday 5/12 22u15 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)
Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 1 Thursday 7/12 19u30 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)
Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 1 Friday 8/12 13u00 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)


Hans Vannetelbosch
Nora Alberdi Perez, Marcel Gonzalez, Frank Onana, Louis De Villers
Joris Vertenten


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