The Life of Esteban

Ines Eshun
Belgium | 2017 | 16 min. | Coming-of-age

Esteban grows up with his single mother and doesn't know who his father is. In search of his identity, he discovers that swimming is a metaphor for life itself. The remarkable life story of a young man who is destined to become an Olympic swimmer. 

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Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 1 Tuesday 5/12 22u15 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)
Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 1 Thursday 7/12 19u30 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)
Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 1 Friday 8/12 13u00 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)


Inès Eshun
Noah Mavuela, Mathis Mavuela, Joshua Tassin, Zion Kiala, Tine Cartuyvels, Goua Grovogui, Lamine Diouf, Bram Van Der Kelen
Sarah Coeurnelle
Alan Van Rompuy


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