The Labo 1

89 minuten

The Labo takes you on a journey to the fascinating playground of filmmakers who dare to deviate from the classic film paths. Films that look for new ways of design through experimental techniques or crossovers with other disciplines. Sometimes the visual experience is the goal in itself, sometimes it is an idiosyncratic way to tell a story or message using a new film language. But it is always an immersion in a new, fascinating world. This year, we are presenting a remarkable number of films focusing on the theme of our view of the world. These films make us aware of our personal perspective or look at the world from an entirely different one.


Q&A with Meltse Van Coillie (Elephantfish) and Jeroen Cluckers (Kosmos) on Thursday 6/12.

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Elephantfish

    Meltse Van Coillie :: Belgium :: 28 min. :: 2018

    On board a ship drifting about on an endless sea, the crew of five each deal with the emptiness in time and space in their own ways. Imagination rises to the surface and gradually takes the helm …

  • Accidence

    Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson :: Canada :: 9 min. :: 2018

    A murder is committed on a balcony at a large apartment block. On all the surrounding balconies life just continues at its everyday pace. Just like in a busy anthill, life continues in a maddening endless loop.

  • Dark Chamber

    Ottó Bánovits :: :: 6 min. :: 2017

    A truck on the side of the road, somewhere in Western Europe. A lot of souls both outside and inside.

  • The Fifth Walll

    Peter Kutin & Florian Kindlinger :: Austria :: 12 min. :: 2017

    A massive bulletproof glass pane is put between the audience and the camera – a cinematic metaphor for a society intrinsically linked to our screens, causing us to live in increasingly abstract terms.

  • The World

    Mika Taanila :: Finland :: 63 min. :: 2017

    An upside down world without people with deserted landscapes and left behind things, apparently awaiting a disaster.

  • Muscle-Up

    Robert McIntosh :: United States :: 2 min. :: 2017

    A breath-taking, single-shot fly-through video cruising through Muscle Beach, featuring several impossible drone shots made with world's smallest HD drone.

  • Orogenesis

    Boris Labbé :: France :: 7 min. :: 2018

    A trip towards abstraction, as an hypothesis on how mountains might have been formed.

  • Kosmos

    Jeroen Cluckers :: Belgium :: 10 min. :: 2018

    A tactile crossbreed between the analog and digital building blocks – pixels and grain – forms a symphony of thousands of abstract paintings, while the music establishes a dialogue between the acoustic and electronic voice.