The Labo 2

85 minuten

The Labo takes you on a journey to the fascinating playground of filmmakers who dare to deviate from the classic film paths. Films that look for new ways of design through experimental techniques or crossovers with other disciplines. Sometimes the visual experience is the goal in itself, sometimes it is an idiosyncratic way to tell a story or message using a new film language. But it is always an immersion in a new, fascinating world. This year, we are presenting a remarkable number of films focusing on the theme of our view of the world. These films make us aware of our personal perspective or look at the world from an entirely different one.


Q&A with Thomas R. Peeters (Frequencies) and Katia Lom (Triptych) on Sunday 2/12. Thanks to   

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Rubber Coated Steel

    Lawrence Abu Hamdan :: :: 22 min. :: 2017

    In May 2014, two unarmed teens at the West Bank were killed by Israeli soldiers. An audio analysis of the incident examines whether rubber or deadly bullets were used.

  • Optical Sound

    Mika Taanila :: Finland :: 6 min. :: 2005

    Office technology is outdated very quickly. Old tools turn into musical instruments of the future. The film is based on the Symphony # 2 for twelve Dot Matrix printers, composed by the Canadian artist [The User].

  • Frequencies

    Thomas R Peeters :: Belgium :: 13 min. :: 2018

    In an undefined setting, workers complete a never ending series of monotonous tasks. Except for one person - the one in control of the cycle. In the minds of the workers, we hear flashes of the outside world. Is this liberty or is this a prison?

  • Triptych

    Katia Lom :: United Kingdom :: 8 min. :: 2018

    As a daughter empties her late father’s home, she finds objects that bear witness to the past and connect her to her history. A reflection on the nature of time and memory and the experience of exile.

  • The Hymns of Muscovy

    Dimitri Venkov :: Russia :: 14 min. :: 2018

    A trip to the planet Muscovy - an upside down space twin of the city of Moscow - tells a story through architecture and music. The history of an aesthetic evolution driven by the evolution of ideology.

  • Wandering in Paris + Lost in Tokyo + Shared Memories

    Benjamin Bardou, Ash Thorp :: France :: 5 min. :: 2018

    Fascinating Impressionist worlds are created thanks to a completely new technique that uses volumetric camera images. A beautiful play of shapes thanks to the interaction between film images and experimental 3D reconstructions.

  • The Hollow Coin

    Frank Heath :: United States :: 12 min. :: 2016

    A man in a phone booth is desperately trying to retrieve his SD card, which is hidden in a hollow coin.

  • Miazmat

    Klaudiusz Wesolowski :: Poland :: 4 min. :: 2018

    An intriguing world of colour and form inspired by Polish artist S.I. Witkiewicz and his theory that art’s key role is to evoke a feeling of metaphysical dread or otherwise immerse the viewer in the mystery of our existence.