European Competition - 4

103 minuten

The Leuven International Short Film Festival has been an important international player for several years now. The festival has a say in which short films make the longlist for the Oscars, the BAFTAs and the European Film Awards. It is not surprising that we always receive a ton of entries for the European competition. All of the films that we handpicked and present to you in six different programs are eligible for a Jury Award as well as an Audience Award. That means you help to decide which title will win Best European Film and will be purchased by CANVAS.

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Beautiful Loser

    Maxime Roy :: France :: 24 min. :: 2018

    Michel is a former punk who spends half his time in his garage and the
    other half in his apartment, which is essentially a basement. He messes
    around with his teenage son Leo and also takes care of the baby he just

  • Two Bodies on a Beach

    Anna Paavilainen :: Finland :: 20 min. :: 2019

    A woman wakes up on a beach, half-naked and wrapped in plastic. ‘Not
    again’, she sighs, She wants to find out who is behind this and asks an
    older woman for help. Together they set off on a quest across filmic

  • Image

    Petter Sjöstrand :: Sweden :: 15 min. :: 2019

    Sonja and Karl meet in a photo booth. It is love at first sight, and their
    infatuation leads to a serious relationship. Soon the couple realizes it is
    not all sunshine and rainbows. Sonja struggles with depression. Life and

  • I see you

    Luca Ribler :: Switzerland :: 21 min. :: 2019

    Christina is in her twenties and has a sensual, playful relationship with
    her boyfriend Joel. While making love, she allows Joel to take naked
    pictures of her. She does not see the harm at first, but eventually she

  • The Tent

    Rebecca Figenschau :: Norway :: 17 min. :: 2019

    This Norwegian family is not interested in a sunny beach vacation but
    prefers a camping trip. When dad accidentally burns the manual to set
    up the tent, this already dysfunctional group faces a huge test.