European Competition - 6

100 minuten

The Leuven International Short Film Festival has been an important international player for several years now. The festival has a say in which short films make the longlist for the Oscars, the BAFTAs and the European Film Awards. It is not surprising that we always receive a ton of entries for the European competition. All of the films that we handpicked and present to you in six different programs are eligible for a Jury Award as well as an Audience Award. That means you help to decide which title will win Best European Film and will be purchased by CANVAS.

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Eternity

    Anna Sobolevska :: Ukraine :: 24 min. :: 2018

    2058. Corporations digitize the souls of the dying and place them in the digital world beyond the grave forever. Young guy Ian is strongly against digitalizing. The sudden car crash, makes Ian go against his principles.

    Science Fiction
  • Bunny

    Shaun Hughes :: United Kingdom :: 18 min. :: 2018

    Buckley is a restless young man with long, hairy bunny ears. When a
    group of youngsters appears in the isolated trailer community where he
    lives, they waste no time confronting him with the facts. Buckley

  • Watermelon Juice

    Irene Moray :: Spain :: 22 min. :: 2019

    Barbara and Pol are on holiday in Catalonia, sharing a house with some
    friends. Inspired by the summer heat they do what couples on holiday do
    and sneak away to make love. But something is clearly off. Hopeful and

  • Still Working

    Julietta Korbel :: Switzerland :: 17 min. :: 2019

    In an abandoned and soon to be demolished factory, guard Pavel is
    interrupted in his usual routine. A young engineer has spotted some
    unusual activity: a functioning turbine. Pavel has to face the

  • Korte Kuitspier

    Victoria Warmerdam :: Netherlands :: 13 min. :: 2019

    Same same but different. Yes, he is gay, but that is not the point. His
    physical therapist and coworkers can’t seem to stop alluding to
    something and it turns out that they have a very different perception of