Flemish Competition - 4

90 minuten

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Meander

    Dayo Clinckspoor :: Belgium :: 20 min. :: 2019

    A father, son and daughter have to say goodbye to a mother. Her death inspires mixed feelings. In a breathtaking landscape, they share moving memories, intense sadness, confusion and comforting warmth.

  • Cirque

    Bob Colaers :: Belgium :: 16 min. :: 2019

    After a fun night out, two brothers head home. They are teasing each other and making small talk. Everything seems fine. But they have had one too many to drink.

  • Entre - deux

    Oan Moonens :: België :: 18 min. :: 2019

    Two young friends are on their way from their school to their gym, across the buzzing metropolis that is Brussels. They take the bus, the tram and they walk.

  • Memphis

    Mungu Cornelis :: Belgium :: 15 min. :: 2019

    For twenty-six years, Walter has been living all alone in his bleak house. He is estranged from his daughter, the world and from himself. He is not happy and things are going from bad to worse.

  • #YouToo

    Björn Pinxten, Jenne Decleir :: Belgium :: 15 min. :: 2019

    Seven men in strange suits, chased by projectiles and bombs, flee to a safehouse in the woods. Four of them do not survive. The survivors have to reorganise and be vigilant. There is something that likes the taste of men inside the house too.

    Comedy Horror Action