Flemish Competition - 5

93 minuten

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Gyre

    Charlotte Lybaert :: Belgium :: 20 min. :: 2019

    While she’s out with her friends, Alice notices that the group struggles with her presence. She thinks her friend Lena is to blame. Events that seem trivial at first sight have big consequences. The last drop causes the bucket to overflow.

  • Wildernis

    Benjamin Sprengers :: Belgium :: 18 min. :: 2018

    After a long period of sick-leave a nurse goes back to work in a special hospital. When her patients respond well to their treatment, it will seem as though nothing ever happened. As if the entire area had never been damaged by humans.

  • Bruut

    Tom De Liège :: Belgium :: 15 min. :: 2019

    Young Rachid works as a car mechanic but on the side he is a mob enforcer for a gang of loan sharks. He pressures people to pay off their loans. He struggles with the raw violence and the abuse that comes with the job. Is he up for the task?

  • Do Not Delete Your Embarrassing Pictures

    Vincent Das :: Belgium :: 14 min. :: 2019

    Impulsively, a young artist decides to move to Berlin and pursue his music. It is his big dream but what he does not fully realize is what - and especially who - he is leaving behind.

  • Burn Out One

    Rik Chaubet :: Belgium :: 20 min. :: 2019

    Brussels, 2019. A young superhero decides to save the world. First up: finding a villain. Can he bridge the distance and time between his idea and action before it’s too late? Where and when will he land?

    Art film