Alle kortfilms per genre

  • "Een Mooie Tijd" - Maurits Pauwels

    Eva Cools :: Belgium :: 2016

    Een jongeman krijgt de sleutels van zijn eerste auto, een grote stap naar volwassendom. Verschillende episodes uit zijn leven passeren - symbolisch voor zijn evolutie.

  • "Islands" - Intergalactic Lovers

    Eva Cools :: Belgium :: 2014

    Een jongedame verlaat haar appartement en gaat de stad in. Ze ontmoet een oude bekende op straat, ontsnapt aan een auto-ongeluk, geeft wat geld aan een dakloze, drinkt iets met een vriend en wordt geconfronteerd met een vermoedelijke ex.

  • "It's a relief", Arquettes

    Eva Cools :: Belgium :: 2007

    When The Arquettes play a gig in a small café, the girlfriend of fictional frontman Wannes Cappelle sits at the bar, bored out of her mind.

  • #21xoxo

    Sine Ozbilge, Imge Ozbilge :: Belgium :: 2019

    If you are a young woman looking for love, your daily life inevitably gets tied up with a parallel world of social media, cyber love, hipster culture and post-net attitudes.

  • #YouToo

    Björn Pinxten, Jenne Decleir :: Belgium :: 2019

    Seven men in strange suits, chased by projectiles and bombs, flee to a safehouse in the woods. Four of them do not survive. The survivors have to reorganise and be vigilant. There is something that likes the taste of men inside the house too.

  • 10 Meter Tower

    Maximilien Van Aertryck, Axel Danielson :: Sweden ::

    A diving board towers over a public swimming pool. People who have never been up there before have to decide whether to jump 10 meters or to back down.

  • 4 Feet: Blind Date

    Maria Belen Poncio :: Argentina :: 2018

    Juana meets a boy through social media and agrees to go on a blind date. She fails to mention her wheelchair.

  • A Brief History of John Baldessari

    Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman :: United States :: 2012

    John Baldessari is known as the godfather of conceptual art. This living legend’s epic life and amazing work are presented at breakneck speed in this condensed and original documentary.

  • A Bus

    Wenyu Li :: China :: 2018

    A Chinese bus drives from point A to point B. A combination of unexpected obstacles and a crowd of people turns the trip into a challenging adventure.

  • A Double Life

    Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins & Marieke Blaauw :: Netherlands :: 2018

    Two lovers disagree on what it means to be a man or woman. What starts out as an innocent game of dress up turns into something very different.

  • A Good Heart

    Evgeniya Zhirkova :: Russia :: 2018

    The Stone Age is not for wimps. That is why Mom is strict, cool and wild. One day, her son brings home a puppy.

  • A Night to Remember (The Witcher 3)

    Digic Pictures :: Poland :: 2015

    In the cinematic trailer for The Witcher 3, the fearless witcher Geralt meets a woman on the bank of a river, who is singing a haunting lullaby. She suddenly transforms into something invisible and quickly disappears into the nearby barn.

  • A Simpler Life

    Gunhild Enger :: Sweden :: 2013

    Ing-Marie and Carl are very busy. She trains, he gardens. They surround themselves with gadgets designed to make their lives simpler. But all those really do, is cause more problems.

  • Albatross Soup

    Winnie Cheung :: United States :: 2019

    A man leaves a boat and walks into a restaurant. He orders albatross soup, has a taste, pulls out his gun and kills himself. Why did he take his own life?

  • All Inclusive

    Corina Schwingruber Ilic :: Switzerland :: 2018

    A cruise ship provides plenty of entertainment for a long vacation. Sunbathing, gymnastics on the deck, an all-you-can-eat buffet. Entertainment 24/7. Hundreds of people with a very similar holiday experience.

  • Animal Behavior

    Alison Snowden, David Fine :: Canada :: 2019

    A leech with separation anxiety, a pig with an eating disorder, a monkey with aggression problems. They are all patients of therapist dog Dr. Clement, discussing their animal yet very human problems.

  • Astrometal

    Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis :: Greece :: 2017

    Three friends end up in an abandoned nightclub in Athens. Loud music is playing but there is no one to hear it. One by one they fall asleep and surrender to a collective dream.

  • At First Sight

    Sjaak Rood :: Netherlands :: 2019

    Two cars face each other on an empty road. Which one of the hardheaded drivers will be the first to cave? And can this battle also lead to love?

  • August

    Jeroen Perceval :: Belgium :: 2014

    August is a carefree boy who loves exploring and playing outside with his best friend Lize. One day, he is confronted with the darker side of life and suddenly Lize doesn't want to hang out with him anymore.

  • Autumn Waltz

    Ognjen Petkovic :: Serbia :: 2019

    A couple tries to escape a besieged city but soldiers circling the city stop
    them. They are occupying the barricades without any sense of morality
    and have no reason to go easy on their prey. Can the couple escape

  • Balance

    Timothée Crabbé :: Belgium :: 2019

    Acrobats Alec and Theo are partners on stage and in real life. They have found the perfect balance, in every sense of the word. An accident changes everything.

  • Beautiful Loser

    Maxime Roy :: France :: 2018

    Michel is a former punk who spends half his time in his garage and the
    other half in his apartment, which is essentially a basement. He messes
    around with his teenage son Leo and also takes care of the baby he just

  • Big in Belgium

    Pieter Van Hees :: Belgium :: 1997

    The year is 1958. A simple boy from the Campine dreams of being famous. He is surrounded by a few good and many bad people. Bobbejaan Schoepen is never far away.

  • Bloody Fairy Tales

    Tereza Kovandová :: Czech Republic :: 2018

    Once upon a time, a girl wanted to bring cookies to her grandmother. Once upon a time there was a beast who lived in a magical castle waiting for his true love. You know how these stories end. Or do you?

  • Blueprint

    Alice De Vliegher :: Belgium :: 2019

    When this flamingo hatches the other birds can’t believe their eyes. This new addition is blue instead of pink. The other flamingos decide to exclude him from the group, while he wants nothing more than to belong.

  • Boomhoog

    Martina Svojikova :: Belgium :: 2019

    A young giraffe joins his parents on a trip to a European forest. Wandering around, he bumps into a group of animals that are not all as welcoming.

  • Bos

    Steffen Geypens :: Belgium :: 2019

    The forest is suspiciously quiet. The wind rustles through the ferns, the sunlight bounces off the moist forest floor, there is not an animal in sight. Where is the hidden lake?

  • Bruut

    Tom De Liège :: Belgium :: 2019

    Young Rachid works as a car mechanic but on the side he is a mob enforcer for a gang of loan sharks. He pressures people to pay off their loans. He struggles with the raw violence and the abuse that comes with the job. Is he up for the task?

  • Bunny

    Shaun Hughes :: United Kingdom :: 2018

    Buckley is a restless young man with long, hairy bunny ears. When a
    group of youngsters appears in the isolated trailer community where he
    lives, they waste no time confronting him with the facts. Buckley

  • Burn Out One

    Rik Chaubet :: Belgium :: 2019

    Brussels, 2019. A young superhero decides to save the world. First up: finding a villain. Can he bridge the distance and time between his idea and action before it’s too late? Where and when will he land?

  • Carrier

    Marijn Grieten :: Belgium :: 2019

    A giant robot awakes from an age-old sleep to resume its programmed purpose. He soon realizes that completing his task will not heal the emptiness and loneliness in his heart.

  • Cat Lake City

    Antje Heyn :: Germany :: 2019

    Kitten Percy wants to enjoy a fun vacation. He decides to go to the lake but he is not the only one.

  • Cavalcade

    Johann Lurf :: Austria :: 2019

    In a game of optical illusions, a water wheel turns in a river. Is it really moving or not? Is it going clockwise or counterclockwise? The wheel, hypnotising and fascinating, makes you question your powers of observation.

  • Celeste

    Noel Berry and Matt Thorson :: Canada :: 2018

    Dit platformspel in klassieke pixel-art is op veel vlakken erg verrassend én een uitdaging, zelfs voor ervaren gamers. Ondanks de ‘oude’ look is Celeste zowel qua spelmechaniek als verhaallijnen een spel van ongekende hoogte.

  • Cirque

    Bob Colaers :: Belgium :: 2019

    After a fun night out, two brothers head home. They are teasing each other and making small talk. Everything seems fine. But they have had one too many to drink.

  • Claiming the Sky

    Yentl De Baets :: Belgium :: 2019

    Masked men wearing harnesses and helmets fly - if only for a moment - past the camera sat on metal machines. The focus is on the experience of one figure, a young motocross racer.

  • Cleo (Trailer)

    Eva Cools :: België :: 2019

    Dit najaar komt Eva Cools haar eerste langspeler Cleo uit in de filmzalen.

  • Connected

    Bram Van Landschoot :: België :: 2019

    Forget Tinder. It is all about a new way of dating. Virtual reality is the future for single people looking for a little action. This new technology allows you to personalise your avatar and to eat at a restaurant without leaving your house.

  • Craving for Narrative

    Max Grau :: Germany :: 2015

    “I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying. And I’m losing control. ‘Cause the power you’re supplying, it’s electrifying!” The famous Grease lyrics are analysed in this hypnotising, experimental film essay.

  • Cuphead

    Chad Moldenhauer & Jared Moldenhauer :: United States :: 2018

    Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, Cuphead is a feast for the eyes and the ears. Both the visuals and the audio were designed authentically: drawn by hand and with original jazz recordings.

  • Da Yie

    Anthony Nti :: Belgium :: 2019

    In Ghana krijgt een vreemdeling de opdracht om kinderen te ronselen voor een risicovolle baan. Hij vindt Prince en Mathilda, twee levendige kinderen, en brengt die naar zijn bende.

  • Daughter

    Mara Tamkovich :: Poland :: 2018

    On her sixteenth birthday, Piotr wants to surprise his daughter Kamilla
    with a cake. He finds her on the bathroom floor, unconscious and in a
    pool of blood. Their lives will never be the same again. Piotr is

  • De puta madre

    Eva Cools :: Belgium :: 2006

    Elvira is een Spaans tienermeisje dat samen met haar moeder, een prostituee, in een buitenwijk woont. Elvira's beste vriendin Vera trekt haar mee in een wereld van decadentie en Elvira speelt meer en meer een rol die ze niet echt is.

  • De Zalm & Jij

    Raynor Arkenbout :: Netherlands :: 2018

    A salmon only has one goal in life which is to procreate. A young man
    reflects on all the pivotal moments of his sexual development which
    brought him to where he is today. By his wife’s side as she is about to

  • Dear Angelica

    Saschka Unseld :: United Kingdom :: 2017

    A magical journey through a daughter’s imaginative memories of her deceased mother.

  • Detainment

    Vincent Lambe :: Ireland :: 2018

    Two ten-year-old boys are arrested by the police on suspicion of the murder of a toddler. Based on the hearing transcripts of an actual case.

  • Dinner For Few

    Nassos Vakalis :: Greece :: 2014

    Fat pigs are sat at a long table in a fancy hotel, feasting on food. The skinny kittens that are under the table are starving and worry about the upcoming scarcity. A dark allegory about capitalism.

  • Do Not Delete Your Embarrassing Pictures

    Vincent Das :: Belgium :: 2019

    Impulsively, a young artist decides to move to Berlin and pursue his music. It is his big dream but what he does not fully realize is what - and especially who - he is leaving behind.

  • Dogs Barking at Birds

    Leonor Teles :: Portugal :: 2019

    Summer in Porto! Riding his bicycle, Vicente can see how his city changes. Tourists flood the streets and bars, old neighbourhoods become trendy. Both the city and Vicente are transformed every single day.

  • Dream/Life

    David Aufdembrinke :: Germany :: 2018

    A young man ditches his daily routine to find out what he really wants in
    life. His friends refuse to participate in his search and so he sets out
    alone. He ends up much further than he ever dared to dream.

  • Edna - One of Many

    Vuk Mitevski :: Macedonia :: 2019

    An unusual love story against the backdrop of the worldwide refugee crisis, in which Macedonia mostly serves as a transit country.

  • Egg

    Martina SCARPELLI :: France :: 2018

    A woman is locked in her home with an egg, which she is both attracted to and scared of. She eats the egg, she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of starvation.

  • El Camino del Deseo

    Eva Cools :: Belgium :: 2007

    Ana, a young Spanish woman, hitchhikes near a desolate highway in the middle of the night. She lives in a world of truckers, highway restaurants and passing strangers.

  • Electric Swan

    Konstantina Kotzamani :: Greece, France, Argentina :: 2019

    An apartment building in Buenos Aires starts to move mysteriously, causing everyone who lives there to feel strangely nauseous. The people on the top floors are terrified of falling while the people on the lower floors are at risk of drowning.

  • Eli

    Nate Milton :: United States :: 2019

    Through melodic patterns Eli discovers the big mechanisms behind cosmic coherence. However, the doctors at his psychiatric institution do not fully agree with his baffling theories.

  • Elvis: Strung Out

    Mark Oliver :: United States :: 2018

    Almost fifty years later, an audiovisual montage with footage from ‘Elvis: That’s the Way It Is’ sheds a new light on the legendary pop icon.

  • Entre - deux

    Oan Moonens :: België :: 2019

    Two young friends are on their way from their school to their gym, across the buzzing metropolis that is Brussels. They take the bus, the tram and they walk.

  • Entre Sombras

    Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos :: France, Portugal :: 2018

    Imagine if you could deposit your heart at the bank, to prevent yourself from falling in love. Natalia isn’t sure what to do with hers but is happy to help Daniel find his missing heart.

  • Eternity

    Anna Sobolevska :: Ukraine :: 2018

    2058. Corporations digitize the souls of the dying and place them in the digital world beyond the grave forever. Young guy Ian is strongly against digitalizing. The sudden car crash, makes Ian go against his principles.

  • Everybody Sings the Blues

    Marc Goyens :: Belgium :: 2007

    Oscaar Vantomme is thirty-three and single. His friend Nicky persuades him to record a video message at “Nadine’s relationship agency”.

  • Everything

    David Oreilly :: United States :: 2017

    An immersion in the universe of the game ‘Everything’ with British philosopher Alan Watts as our guide.

  • Fauve

    Jeremy Comte :: Canada :: 2018

    Two boys are playing a seemingly innocent power game in a huge quarry. Mother Nature is their only witness.

  • Fest

    Nikita Diakur :: Germany :: 2018

    A German street party is anything but middle of the road. Men, women, children and animals eat hotdogs and ice cream but also take part in an energetic rave party.

  • Flow

    Adriaan Lokman :: Netherlands :: 2019
  • Forever now

    Kristian Håskjold :: Denmark :: 2017

    After several years together William and Cecilie decide to break up. To soften the blow they decide to take MDMA together, one last time, in their apartment. This results in an emotional rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs.

  • Frank & Chris

    Rosalien Helsen :: Belgium :: 2019

    Frank works in a stockroom. It is a pretty boring job but he is happy with it. One day, a new colleague takes over part of Frank's job. The two men do not get along at all until Frank discovers they have more in common than he thought.

  • From Fragments

    James Quinn :: United Kingdom :: 2019

    An elderly couple has come to the end of the road, fighting off dementia and death. Can love become a burden at the end of our lives? There are many sacrifices, but there are also many moments to cherish.

  • Golpe Baixo

    Marcio Nicolosi, Gabriel Nobrega, Rodrigo Paulicchi :: Brazil :: 2018

    A boxer is about to enter the ring and start to fight. He ends up in a very different and embarrassing battle.

  • Good Intentions

    Anna Mantzaris :: United Kingdom :: 2018

    After a young woman has committed a hit and run, the memories of her crime continue to torture her.

  • Graven

    Tijs Torfs :: Belgium :: 2019

    Occasionally, a man feels the urge to drive to the sea and dig a hole in the sand. Wearing a red hat, an old vest and his spade, he goes to work, frantically but devotedly. Random passers-by wonder about the crater that keeps getting deepers.

  • Gris

    Conrad Roset :: Spain :: 2018

    An evocative Spanish game with a beautiful, serene animation style that is rarely seen in the game industry. ‘Gris’ is a hopeful young girl finding her way in her universe. As she grows emotionally, she begins to perceive her world differently.

  • Gyre

    Charlotte Lybaert :: Belgium :: 2019

    While she’s out with her friends, Alice notices that the group struggles with her presence. She thinks her friend Lena is to blame. Events that seem trivial at first sight have big consequences. The last drop causes the bucket to overflow.

  • Harvie Krumpet

    Adam Elliot :: Australia :: 2003

    Harvie Krumpet is an average guy who can’t seem to catch a break. Life has taught him many lessons, which he can apply. He finds love, freedom, nudity and the true meaning of what it is to be human.

  • Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year

    Jacqueline Lentzou :: Greece :: 2018

    On New Year’s Eve, Sofia has a dream that she keeps to herself: as she is crossing a desert, she finds out that she is ill. She pretends not to care.

  • Hell Bent for Whiskey

    Matthias & Benjamin Claeys :: Belgium :: 2004

    1928. During the American Prohibition, gangsters Vinnie and Paulie try to steal liquor from rival gangs.

  • hier.

    Joy Maurits :: Belgium :: 2019

    The Flemish town of Bazel has a sports centre. The boys and girls who spend time there get to know each other as well as themselves. This generation is surprisingly open-minded about looking for their identity and a sense of connection.

  • Hockey Sur Glace

    Nicolas Deveaux :: France :: 2018

    Strong kangaroos and elegant flamingos face off in a game of ice hockey. Both teams play to win, but who will reign supreme?

  • Holiday

    Michiel Dhont :: België :: 2019

    26-year-old Maurice joins the rest of his family for a weekend away. The power struggle between the different generations seems to have faded but is he willing to keep up appearances, just like everyone else?

  • Hors Piste

    Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet :: France :: 2018

    Two experienced rescue workers man a helicopter and rescue one lost skier after another. One day things go horribly wrong.

  • Hou Het Licht

    Jorn Mampaey :: Belgium :: 2019

    A lighthouse keeper is enjoying a peaceful life. One day, a strange object arrives in the mail that makes him doubt the meaning of his existence.

  • I Am Easy to Find

    Mike Mills :: United States :: 2019

    She is born and hears her mother’s heartbeat, her father’s voice. The orange color behind her eyelids. There are flowers everywhere. She grows up with ups and downs, learns how to love, how to dance, how to deal with loss.

  • I see you

    Luca Ribler :: Switzerland :: 2019

    Christina is in her twenties and has a sensual, playful relationship with
    her boyfriend Joel. While making love, she allows Joel to take naked
    pictures of her. She does not see the harm at first, but eventually she

  • Image

    Petter Sjöstrand :: Sweden :: 2019

    Sonja and Karl meet in a photo booth. It is love at first sight, and their
    infatuation leads to a serious relationship. Soon the couple realizes it is
    not all sunshine and rainbows. Sonja struggles with depression. Life and

  • In the Shadow of an Oak

    Fredrik Lindton :: Sweden :: 2018

    The Police department have developed a new kind of investigation where they intrude the minds of the condemned. A 25-year old man is being investigated for a crime he does not remember.

  • Injury Time

    Robin Pront :: Belgium :: 2010

    Three Antwerp supporters find themselves in Wallonia. After one of them is beaten up badly by some rival football fans, Sid wants to get home as soon as possible. But loose cannon Van Dessel has other plans…

  • Inside

    Arnt Jensen :: Denmark :: 2019
  • Insight

    Sebastian Diaz Morales :: Argentina, Netherlands :: 2012

    A black mirror breaks into thousands of tiny shards. A camera crew stares back at you, like a tableau vivant. Who is the piece of art? What is being shown? What is real and what is artificial?

  • Internet explorer

    Willem Stessens :: Belgium :: 2019

    Vlogger Steve adores science fiction and dreams of ditching his biological body so he can live on forever digitally. Gert, one of his followers, offers to help him make this dream come true.

  • J'attendrai le suivant…

    Philippe Orreindy :: France :: 2002

    A man on the subway is looking for true love.

  • Je sors acheter des cigarettes

    Osman Cerfon :: France :: 2018

    Twelve-year-old Jonathan lives with his mom and sister. And also with a whole bunch of men, who all have the same face. They live in cupboards, drawers and inside the television.

  • Journey

    Jenovah Chen :: United States :: 2012

    A journey through an immense and strange world with open landscapes that make you feel almost insignificant. The traveler’s experience ultimately leads to an insight into what his journey entails.

  • Kids

    Michael Frei :: Switzerland :: 2019

    A crowd of featureless humanoids enacts seemingly absurd, often violent scenarios, guided by some kind of insane group dynamic. Or is someone else steering the crowd, a player with remote control?

  • Km lancé

    Nicolas Deveaux :: France :: 2018

    Elephants, sea lions, flamingos and kangaroos zip down the mountain at breakneck speed. Who will earn a spot in the top 3?

  • Korte Kuitspier

    Victoria Warmerdam :: Netherlands :: 2019

    Same same but different. Yes, he is gay, but that is not the point. His
    physical therapist and coworkers can’t seem to stop alluding to
    something and it turns out that they have a very different perception of

  • La Cage

    Jean-Baptiste Marchand :: France :: 2018

    Mister Pic lives in an elevator. Bad news for Mrs Houbs, who now has to carry her groceries up the stairs. Enough is enough, but who will prevail?

  • La Proie

    Jonas Baeckeland - Blauwhuis :: Belgium :: 2013

    Ali Toumi is net ontsnapt uit een Belgische gevangenis. Met een nieuw paspoort op zak hoopt hij op een propere lei en een nieuw leven voor hem en zijn zoon. De ontmoeting met een oude bekende doet Ali hervallen in oude gewoontes.

  • Lake of Happiness

    Aliaksei Paluyan :: Belarus, Spain, Germany :: 2019

    In a small Belarusian village where time seems to stand still, nine-year-
    old Jasja has to deal with her mother‘s death. Her father decides to send
    Jasja to an orphanage. But one day she decides to run away and return

  • Land without Evil

    Katalin Egely :: Argentina, Hungary :: 2017

    Flamingos, crocodiles, tigers, snakes, parrots and humans all live together in the jungle. All is well, there is no room for any evil here.

  • Las Meninas

    Eva Cools :: Belgium :: 2011

    Bélen grows up in a family of hysterical women. When her grandmother passes away, the inheritance causes some problems. Fernando, Marta’s ex-husband, has built a new life for himself in Ghent and will inherit some of the money.

  • Le Rêve de Sam

    Nölwenn Roberts :: Frankrijk :: 2019

    On a beautiful spring morning, little mouse Sam decides to pursue his dream of flying with the swallows.

  • Le Sourire des Femmes

    Stéphane Vuillet :: Belgium :: 1999

    You need to love all women just to find the one who can replace them all.

  • Le Tigre sans Rayures

    Raul Robin Morales Reyes :: France :: 2018

    A baby tiger is mocked by his friends because he does not have any stripes. He decides to embark on an exciting adventure to find his stripes and set things right.

  • Léon Trouet Mokuna

    Guy De Troyer :: Belgium :: 2019

    In 1957, Léon Trouet Mokuna was the first African soccer player in the Belgian Premier League. A documentary about La Gantoise, his dreams, segregation, colonialism, racism, Belgium’s World Fair Expo 58 and the independence of Congo.

  • Lieve

    Vincent Groos :: Belgium :: 2019

    As a brand new home nurse, Lieve braves all weather conditions on her moped to assist her elderly patients. She has a big heart and wants to fulfill the wishes of her patients to the best of her ability.

  • Los Taxios

    Lars Damoiseaux :: Belgium :: 1998

    A Dutch couple visits Brussels. A cab driver offers to give them a tour, but the trip turns into a real nightmare.

  • Madre

    Rodrigo Sorogoyen :: Spain :: 2017

    A single mom is thrilled to receive a phone call from her seven-year-old son, who is on holiday with his father. Then he tells her he is by himself without a clue where daddy is.

  • Maestro

    Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro :: France :: 2019

    Frogs croak, deer grunt and birds whistle. Right? In this musical animal forest nothing is what it seems

  • Manen

    Thomas Anglade, Maxime Announ, Lucie Dessertine, Estelle Saint-Jours :: France :: 2018

    An old fisherman sails the sea at night. He catches a fish but has to deal with a pelican who is set on making his life miserable.

  • Marguerite

    Marianne Farley :: Canada :: 2017

    An elderly woman and her nurse develop a friendship that inspires her to unearth unacknowledged longing and help her make peace with her past.

  • Martin Pleure

    Jonathan Vinel :: France :: 2017

    One morning, Martin wakes up to find all of his friends gone. They’ve simply disappeared. All alone, he decides to go look for them and searches everywhere, in the city, in the mountains, in the rivers.

  • Matchstick Man

    Philippe Prouff :: France :: 2019

    It is a modern day miracle. There is no line at the counter. This shouldn’t take long. But a security guard keeps a customer from reaching the clerk. This playful choreography of bollards and rope mock the complexities of bureaucracy.

  • Matriochkas

    Bérangère McNeese :: Belgium :: 2019

    Summer is coming to an end. Anna’s young mother, Rebecca, has flirted
    a lot and won over numerous hearts - as usual. But Anna has discovered
    her sensuality too. When she discovers she is pregnant, she faces the

  • Meander

    Dayo Clinckspoor :: Belgium :: 2019

    A father, son and daughter have to say goodbye to a mother. Her death inspires mixed feelings. In a breathtaking landscape, they share moving memories, intense sadness, confusion and comforting warmth.

  • Melanie

    Jacinta Agten :: Belgium :: 2019

    Young Melanie is obsessed with finding her biological father. When she meets Patrick, a family man who once donated sperm, his reaction is not what she expected. Is Melanie looking for her past or is she trying to build a future?

  • Memphis

    Mungu Cornelis :: Belgium :: 2019

    For twenty-six years, Walter has been living all alone in his bleak house. He is estranged from his daughter, the world and from himself. He is not happy and things are going from bad to worse.

  • Mijn Zusje

    Emi Canini :: Belgium :: 2019

    Liana is physically and mentally disabled and needs a lot of help. Her sister Emi is using her laptop to find a new script. But she is constantly distracted because Liana needs her attention...

  • Misguided

    Sanghyun Kim :: United States :: 2019

    For a guide dog, Tom is quite clumsy and easily distracted, which often gets his boss into trouble.

  • Mist

    Julian Arias Garzon :: Belgium :: 2019

    When everything is shrouded in fog, everyone is lost. Time and space no longer seem to exist. All that is left are fragments, bits of sound and images. Are they part of a story, a dream or a memory?

  • Mompelaar

    Wim Reygaert & Marc Roels :: Belgium :: 2007

    Mumbler is a shy young man who lives somewhere in Flanders with his overbearing mother. One of his daily walks is interrupted by an encounter with some locals.

  • Mundele

    Eline Muys :: Belgium :: 2019

    On a grey and rainy day, an old man reminisces about the past, in his house in the Flemish countryside. He remembers Congo, where he used to live and work, especially the warmth, the vibrant colors and the people there.

  • My Planet

    Valery Carnoy :: Belgium :: 2018

    Henri, a baker in his fifties, suffers as the relationship with his wife
    Marieke becomes increasingly weak. One morning. after yet another
    quarrel, he meets Anita, a young photographer who likes the shape of
    his big body.

  • Nesting

    Alex Verhaest :: Belgium :: 2019

    A pregnant woman ignores her sister’s pleading phone calls to visit their dying mother. She drinks and smokes heavily while she hides out in a dodgy hotel.

  • Nimic

    Yorgos Lanthimos :: Greece :: 2019

    After a shared subway ride, a woman follows a professional cello player home. The random meeting has major consequences, and his life will never be the same again.

  • No, I Don't Want to Dance!

    Andrea Vinciguerra :: :: 2019

    Absurd situations and catchy tunes lead to new moves. Sounds cool? Not when dancing is this dangerous.

  • November

    Kasper Møller Jensen :: Denmark :: 2018

    A Norwegian woman tries to make it as a screenwriter in the Danish film
    industry. Unfortunately, she often has trouble finding inspiration. She tries to move forward by using a self aware voice-over and a montage of

  • Oeil pour Oeil

    Thomas Boileau, François Briantais, Robin Courtoise, Alan Guimont, Malcolm Hunt, Mathieu Lecroq :: France :: 2019

    A pirate is eager to go treasure hunting. He tries to convince some other men to join him on an exciting adventure, but not everything goes according to plan.

  • Operation Jane Walk

    Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel :: Austria :: 2018

    A fascinating guided city tour that explores the cityscape of the popular computer game ‘Tom Clancy's: The Division’.

  • Orbit

    Tess Martin :: Netherlands :: 2019

    The sun’s energy flows through the earth and feeds the circle of life. Like little discs of optical toys, everything repeats itself in a natural cycle. Human excess disrupts the natural balance.

  • Papa brengt de wereld mee

    Laurent Vanderstokken :: België :: 2019

    1888. Annabelle lives in the comfortable yet oppressive luxury of her parents’ huge domain. When her father travels, he brings home souvenirs but she would rather see the world for herself.

  • Patattenseizoen

    Lucas Tanghe :: Belgium :: 2019

    ‘A naked picture is like herpes’. That is what the internet expert who Marjolein consults tells her when her picture is being passed around in class. ‘You can take medication, apply a cream but the chance that it comes back is very real’.

  • Patision Avenue

    Thanasis Neofotistos :: Greece :: 2018

    Een vrouw is onderweg naar een auditie wanneer ze beseft dat haar zoon alleen thuis zit.

  • Pinky Promise

    Sophie Linnenbaum :: Germany :: 2019

    Lobsters, cake, broken promises. When a family treats itself at a
    restaurant, the bill ends up being a little more than they anticipated. A
    ruthless satire about the fine line between integrity and horror, good and

  • Plan B

    Robin Pront :: Belgium :: 2008

    Gio and Bolle are two coke dealers from Antwerp. To settle a huge debt with the Albanian mafia, they agree to take in a third roommate. Joost is a Dutch author, who has no idea what the two friends do for a living.

  • Playing at the Sea

    Sacha Brauner :: Belgium :: 2019

    A North Sea beach. A boy in a yellow coat rode his bike there and is hanging around. He meets a girl in a red coat. They spend the day playing games in the sand.

  • Popular Tropes

    Dries Vergauwe :: Belgium :: 2019

    For three years, a devastating pandemic has been raging. In a deserted post-apocalyptic city there is a center where the survivors provide the bodies of the dead with the correct ddisinfecting procedure.

  • Provence

    Kato De Boeck :: Belgium :: 2018

    During their annual summer vacation 11-year-old Camille and her older brother Tuur explore a new camping site in the Provence. After meeting two Dutch teenage girls, the relationship between Camille and her brother changes.

  • Quand On A Le Choix

    Wouter Klinkenberg :: België :: 2019

    Rayan and his two best friends explore Molenbeek for its best parkour spots. They film and share their stunts online. When one of their posts goes viral, Rayan sees an opportunity to make money out of their hobby.

  • Race tegen de winter

    Marjolaine Perreten :: Switzerland, France :: 2019

    Before winter arrives, all the animals in the forest get ready for one final race. From the big bear to the little mouse, everybody uses what they can find to build the bicycle best suited for them. And they all hope to win the race!

  • Raketkanon - I Live in a Society

    Maximiliaan Dierickx :: Belgium :: 2019

    The band Raketkanon, a fixture on the Belgian rock scene, has a busy summer ahead. They are recording their final album, RKTKN #3, in the studio. A glimpse into the peculiar dynamics of a rock band, right before its swan song.

  • Reconstruction

    Jirí Havlícek, Ondrej Novák :: Czech Republic :: 2017

    17-year-old Olda is awaiting trial in a youth detention center. He tries desperately to fill the emptiness of his monotonous days and not think about the past too much.

  • Sali

    Ziya Demirel :: France, Turkey :: 2015

    An ordinary school day for a teenage girl in Istanbul and her encounters with three different men as she goes to school, plays basketball and takes a bus on the way home.

  • Saturday's Apartment

    Jeon Seungbae :: South Korea :: 2018

    The people in this apartment building are so loud! Five families get on each other’s nerves. Will they work out a solution together or will things go south?

  • Selfies

    Claudius Gentinetta :: Switzerland :: 2018

    Beach holidays, pregnancies, even visits to the bathroom - there is nothing we don’t document or take selfies of. We’ve seen it all! And yet we don’t see much at all.

  • Shiny Happy People

    Mathilde Petit :: France :: 2019

    Manu lives in a dictatorship of happiness, a world of constant well-being
    in which sadness is illegal. His broken heart makes it very difficult to
    feign happiness. One night, Lisa offers him an illegal solution to ease his

  • Silence

    Tristan Heanue :: Ireland :: 2019

    A couple facing a family crisis sets off on a road trip across Ireland to
    visit their daughter. Their support means the world to her, but the parents
    admit they can’t always be strong. Sometimes silence says more than a

  • Sisters

    Daphne Lucker :: Netherlands :: 2018
  • Skin

    Guy Nattiv :: United States :: 2018

    An average supermarket in an average town. When a black man smiles at a ten-year-old white boy a shocking chain of events is set into motion.

  • Sous le cartilage des côtes

    Bruno Tondeur :: Belgium :: 2018

    Pierre is dying. His heart creaks, he has trouble sleeping, his lungs have been damaged by smoking. All signs point to a terminal illness, according to doctor Google that is.

  • Spectrum

    Jeroen Cluckers :: Belgium :: 2019
  • Stalingrad

    Jeanne Delafosse, Camille Plagnet :: France :: 2019

    Paris in 2017. In an apartment building by La Place de la Bataille-de-
    Stalingrad a couple has an argument about their future. Outside in the
    cold a homeless man yearns for a hot shower. Two totally separate lives

  • Still Working

    Julietta Korbel :: Switzerland :: 2019

    In an abandoned and soon to be demolished factory, guard Pavel is
    interrupted in his usual routine. A young engineer has spotted some
    unusual activity: a functioning turbine. Pavel has to face the

  • Stuck in the middle

    Julien Adoum :: France :: 2018

    Four French friends are on a road trip across the USA. In the middle of the desert they notice a strange man hitching a ride. He is about to radically change their trip.

  • Swatted

    Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis :: France :: 2018

    A cinematic exploration of the phenomenon of “swatting”: American game trolls hack a fellow player’s personal data and make a bogus 911 call.

  • Terril

    Bronte Stahl :: Belgium :: 2019

    The once flat region around Charleroi is now hilly, thanks to tons of mining waste. Telling a documentation-driven story, Terril investigates a tragic accident that occurred in 1956 as a consequence of the industrial revolution.

  • The Absence of Eddy Table

    Rune Spaans :: Norway :: 2016

    One day Eddy gets lost in the woods. There he meets the girl of his dreams, but unfortunately she has been infected by a mysterious parasite. What if the love of your life coincides with your greatest fear?

  • The Atomic Adventure

    Loic Barché :: France :: 2019

    Algeria, 1961. France has just detonated its fourth atomic bomb. A group
    of seven soldiers is sent to the point of impact to measure radioactivity.
    Their Captain, a war veteran, is confronted with the paradoxes of a

  • The Audition

    Guy Lichtenstein :: Austria :: 2019

    Even though she is exceptionally talented, Sarah is still stuck performing
    at small events. Today she is performing at the wedding of her ex,
    Jurgen. The former couple tries to stay out of each other’s way but old

  • The Christmas Gift

    Bogdan Muresanu :: Romania :: 2018

    On the 20th of December, 1989, a few days after dictator Ceausescu's bloody repression, a father’s quiet evening turns into a real ordeal when he finds out that his son has sent Santa Claus a letter.

  • The distance between us and the sky

    Vasilis Kekatos :: Greece, France :: 2019

    In the middle of the night, two strangers meet at a gas station. One is
    there to fill up his tank, the other is stranded and needs 22,5 euro to get
    home. He tries to earn that money by selling his new friend the distance

  • The Flounder

    Elizabeth Hobbs :: United Kingdom :: 2019

    When a poor fisherman releases the magic fish he has caught, his wife encourages him to ask it for a favor. Blinded by greed, the couple keep coming up with more wishes.

  • The Hollow Coin

    Frank Heath :: United States :: 2016

    A man in a phone booth is desperately trying to retrieve his SD card, which is hidden in a hollow coin.

  • The Hunger

    Kenneth Karlstad :: Norway :: 2017

    Fascinated by the sensational world of violence and drugs, a 16-year-old boy is hopelessly seeking recognition. He comes into contact with a dangerous criminal. He desperately wants to prove his determination and will to survive.

  • The Kite

    Martin Smatana :: Czech Republic :: 2019

    Grandpa lives on a green hill with a strong wind. The ideal place to teach his grandson how to fly a kite

  • The Manchador

    Kaveh Tehrani :: Norway, Iran :: 2019

    Mina and Saeed live a hectic life in the Iranian capital Tehran. It is not
    easy being a woman in Iran and Mina dreams of a future abroad. She
    wants to move until Saeed invents a piece of clothing that puts the

  • The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady

    Gabriel Abrantes :: Portugal :: 2019

    The Mona Lisa, Winged Nike… There are so many famous art pieces in
    the Louvre that visitors tend to ignore the lesser-known works. A
    decorative but trivial sculpture of a girl is fed up with the lack of attention.

  • The Memory Shop

    Christiaan Neu :: België :: 2019

    A woman visits the Memory Shop in the year 2036. Innovative, immersive technology ensures that you can relive your memories and have them registered on film.

  • The Opposites Game

    Anna Samo, Lisa LaBracio :: United States :: 2019

    A challenging question from a teacher leads to an intense discussion among the pupils. What is the opposite of a revolver?

  • The Tent

    Rebecca Figenschau :: Norway :: 2019

    This Norwegian family is not interested in a sunny beach vacation but
    prefers a camping trip. When dad accidentally burns the manual to set
    up the tent, this already dysfunctional group faces a huge test.

  • The Traffic Seperating Device

    Johan Palmgren :: Sweden :: 2018

    An installation has been built in the middle of Stockholm. It is meant to prevent passenger cars from driving on the lane reserved for buses.

  • The Tube with a Hat

    Radu Jude :: Romania :: 2006

    In the early morning, 7-year old Marian wakes his father and persuades him to leave their small Rumanian village for the city in order to have their old TV set fixed. Despite the bad weather, the father agrees.

  • The Villagers

    Rinus Van de Velde :: Belgium :: 2019

    In a cardboard restaurant, a man orders a styrofoam hamburger with lettuce made of paper. Most of what you see in The Villagers is fake. Artist Rinus Van de Velde explores a fictional universe in his own studio.

  • The Virginity Project

    Clare Edlund :: United States, Belgium :: 2019

    Clare has a huge problem. She is 26 and still a virgin. Eager to find out how that happened - or rather did not happen - she looks for answers. This documentary self portrait features Tinder dates, scientists and fortune tellers.

  • The Walking Fish

    Thessa Meijer :: Netherlands, Japan :: 2019

    Mutsumi is ambitious. Life as an amphibian fish is not enough. She
    wants to evolve and take on a human form. Her dream is so strong that
    she is able to overcome her physical boundaries and slowly turn into a

  • To Speak

    Erik Lamens :: Belgium :: 1998

    A boy with a speech impediment is dancing with a girl at a party. Everything is going well until she asks him what his name is.

  • Transponder

    Thomas Verijke :: Belgium :: 2019

    Emil is a professional photographer. His shots capture places, moments and people. His camera is his lifebuoy in the whirlwind city that never sleeps.

  • Tungrus

    Rishi Chandna :: :: 2017

    The life of an Indian family in Mumbai is turned upside down when the pater familias brings home a rooster. Each family member has strong feelings about the feathered pet that terrorizes cats and starts crowing at impossible hours.

  • Turbopera

    Fabien Meyran, Benoît de Geyer d'Orth, Antoine Marchand, Paul-Eugène Dannaud :: France :: 2018

    When night falls in a fish shop, two talented fish perform a sublime version of Verdi’s La Traviata.

  • Two Bodies on a Beach

    Anna Paavilainen :: Finland :: 2019

    A woman wakes up on a beach, half-naked and wrapped in plastic. ‘Not
    again’, she sighs, She wants to find out who is behind this and asks an
    older woman for help. Together they set off on a quest across filmic

  • Un Bar aux Folies Bergère

    Gabrielle Lissot :: France :: 2018

    Enter the café from Manets famous painting Un Bar aux Folies Bergère from four different perspectives.

  • Under Suspicion for a Crime of Passion Aggravated by Triviality

    Cosimo Alemà :: Italy :: 2018

    Giulia is looking forward to her romantic weekend with Lucio but when
    she arrives at the villa where they are meant to meet up, she encounters
    three women. Apparently, they are all dating him as well and received

  • Video Game Vehicle

    Sam Wickert, Eric Leigh (SoKrispyMedia) :: United States :: 2018

    At first glance, Eric seems to be driving a regular Kia. But it is really a life-sized VR gaming console.

  • Vos en Haas

    Mascha Halberstad en Tom van Gestel :: Belgium :: 2019

    Cheerful Fox is best friends with the smart and sensitive Hare.

  • Washingtonia

    Konstantina Kotzamani :: Greece :: 2014

    Een hittegolf jaagt Atheners de stad uit, maar niet iedereen ontvlucht de verzengende zomerzon. Een uniek documentair portret van de Griekse hoofdstad, een giraffenhart, de washingtonia palmboom en zwervende zielen in een moeilijke wereld…

  • Watermelon Juice

    Irene Moray :: Spain :: 2019

    Barbara and Pol are on holiday in Catalonia, sharing a house with some
    friends. Inspired by the summer heat they do what couples on holiday do
    and sneak away to make love. But something is clearly off. Hopeful and

  • We'll Become Oil

    Mihai Grecu :: France ::

    Dry landscapes are filled with the traces of a meta-conflict, beyond any visible political or ideological issue.

  • Wildernis

    Benjamin Sprengers :: Belgium :: 2018

    After a long period of sick-leave a nurse goes back to work in a special hospital. When her patients respond well to their treatment, it will seem as though nothing ever happened. As if the entire area had never been damaged by humans.

  • Workout

    Joe Wood :: :: 2017

    Working out is very important: it is healthy and nice to move your body. Add some cheerful music to make it even more fun!

  • You Can Become Anything

    Simon Cools :: Belgium :: 2019

    Graduating is tricky. For years, you planned your days around your classes and exams, but all of a sudden it is up to you to make your own choices. Three people decide to travel abroad. It should be a dream come true but will that be the case?

  • Zibilla

    Isabelle Favez :: Switzerland, Belgium :: 2019

    Zibilla, a young zebra adopted by two horses, is bullied in school for having stripes. When someone snatches away her toy, she does not hesitate to spring into action.

  • Zombies

    Baloji :: Belgium, Congo :: 2018

    Selfies, VR, likes. The digitale ego revolution has hit the streets of Kinshasa.

  • “I left my heart in Vermont” - The Sophomore Jinx

    Eva Cools :: Belgium :: 2010

    A melancholic figure is dressed in a brass band costume from a bygone era. With an owl as his only companion, he carves out a cane, has a picnic and visits an abandoned industrial complex.