Rays of the Sun

Philippe van der Loo
Belgium | 2017 | 28 min. | Drama

In the 12th century in the French countryside, a woman and her child await for her husband to return from the crusades. This historical drama is suprisingly relevant as it addresses contemporary concerns such as religious fanatism, post traumatic stress disorder and alienation.

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Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 2 Monday 4/12 20u00 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)
Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 2 Wednesday 6/12 17u30 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)
Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 2 Friday 8/12 15u00 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)


Philippe van der Loo
Dorien De Clippel, Reinout Scholten van Aschat, Seppe Decubber
Janey Stouten
Joost Janssens


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