Take Good Care of my Baby

Nicolas Daenens
Belgium | 2017 | 33 min. | Drama

Eva is a single mother with three young children. Although she's unemployed and has a lot of debts, she tries to do good for the people in her neighbourhood and makes sure that her children have everything they need.

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Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 4 Monday 4/12 17u15 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)
Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 4 Thursday 7/12 15u00 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)
Vlaamse Competitie: Fictie 4 Friday 8/12 20u00 in Soetezaal (buy tickets)


Production company
kleinVerhaal, Samenlevingsopbouw West-Vlaanderen
Johan Stoefs
Nicolas Daenens, An De Gruyter


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