The choice of Canvas

120 minuten

Canvas loves cinema - and short films too! For many years, Canvas has generously handed out the Audience Award for the Best Flemish Short Film and the best European Short Film. But there's more. On the exclusive 'Choice of Canvas' evening, the culture-loving channel presents a selection of Flemish short films. Tickets for this screening can be won on the contest page of the Canvas website. A small segment of tickets is sold publicly.

Deze compilatie bevat volgende kortfilms:

  • Michiel Dhont :: België :: 23 min. :: 2019

    26-year-old Maurice joins the rest of his family for a weekend away. The power struggle between the different generations seems to have faded but is he willing to keep up appearances, just like everyone else?

  • Bos

    Steffen Geypens :: Belgium :: 9 min. :: 2019

    The forest is suspiciously quiet. The wind rustles through the ferns, the sunlight bounces off the moist forest floor, there is not an animal in sight. Where is the hidden lake?

  • Anthony Nti :: Belgium :: 19 min. :: 2019

    In Ghana krijgt een vreemdeling de opdracht om kinderen te ronselen voor een risicovolle baan. Hij vindt Prince en Mathilda, twee levendige kinderen, en brengt die naar zijn bende.

  • Rebecca Figenschau :: Norway :: 17 min. :: 2019

    This Norwegian family is not interested in a sunny beach vacation but
    prefers a camping trip. When dad accidentally burns the manual to set
    up the tent, this already dysfunctional group faces a huge test.

  • Benjamin Sprengers :: Belgium :: 18 min. :: 2018

    After a long period of sick-leave a nurse goes back to work in a special hospital. When her patients respond well to their treatment, it will seem as though nothing ever happened. As if the entire area had never been damaged by humans.