VAF Wildcards

The Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) is the beating heart of the Flemish film industry and actively supports young, emerging film talent. To this end, the VAF annually awards "Wildcards" to the most promising graduation projects of bachelor or master students from Flemish film schools. The coveted wildcards are allocated by a specific jury per category and are traditionally awarded at the Leuven Short Film Festival.

The long list of former winners who went on to build a successful career in film proves that a single wildcard can be a serious boost for any motivated film maker. But wildcards bring about a lot of beauty in the short term too, as the prize money is used to make a new short film. This year, check out the Flemish competition with a film by wildcard winner Abel Bos (Bug).

All candidates for the VAF wildcards are accessible for accredited professionals through the video library.
Louisiana Mees
Gorges Ocloo
Maarten Janssens
Lisette Ma Neza
Elisa Heene
Peter Jäger
Willemiek Kluifhout
Celine Boeckaert
Alana Stoefs
Diego Nurse
Jasmine Elsen
Indre Svirplyte
Anton Roebben
Lisa Spillaert
Jan Schuijren
Pieternel Vermoortel
Chafina Bendahman
Cecilia Verheyden
Angelo Tijssen