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  • Achttien

    Dimitri Baronheid , Olivier Lambrechts :: Belgium :: 2020

    Nick grew up in a youth facility. As he turns eighteen, he will leave, and receive financial support to live alone. Out of the blue, his mother gets in touch. Is he willing to give her a new chance?

  • ADA

    David Williamson :: Belgium :: 2020

    Eva faces a tough choice. She could plead guilty to a murder she did not commit, or she could try and prove her innocence in front of a jury.

  • Alive

    Jimmy Olsson :: Sweden :: 2020

    Victoria is in a wheelchair and Ida works as her assistant. When Victoria meets Ida's boyfriend, she realizes she also wants closeness and love. Ida helps her make a Tinder profile and soon Viktoria gets a match with Håkan.

  • All Cats Are Grey in the Dark

    Lasse Linder :: Switzerland :: 2019

    Christian shares a place with his two cats, Marmelade and Katjuscha. As he can’t wait to become a father, he decides to let a stunning tomcat from abroad mate with his beloved cat Marmelade.

  • Angina Pectoris

    Filip Mojzeš :: Croatia :: 2020

    Running away can sometimes feel like the easiest way out. It usually proves to be the most difficult one.

  • Beau Monde

    Hans Vannetelbosch :: Belgium :: 2020

    Tensions rise at a classy restaurant. Both the staff and the guests show their true faces. A story about two social classes with their own secrets and facades.

  • Brothers

    Robert Eggers :: United States :: 2015

    Brothers Tom and Jake live in a remote house in the woods, with their grandmother. They are experts in getting on each other’s nerves.

  • Cold Meridian

    Peter Strickland :: Hungary :: 2020

    The repetitive rituals of a popular ASMR online performer and her fans.

  • Dummy

    Laurynas Bareisa :: Lithuania :: 2020

    Using a faceless doll a criminal reenacts his brutal crime. Surprisingly he is not the only one being judged.

  • Dustin

    Naïla Guiguet :: France :: 2020

    In an abandoned warehouse, a crowd is dancing as one on techno music. Among them is Dustin, a young transgender, and his friends Felix, Raya and Juan.

  • Easter Eggs

    Nicolas Keppens :: Belgium :: 2020

    The Chinese restaurant is empty. The cage full of exotic birds is wide open. Two friends, Jason and Kevin, see this as an opportunity to catch and sell them. But catching these animals isn’t as simple as it seems.

  • Eden

    Sven Spur :: Belgium :: 2020

    A restless young man hops between all the gay hotspots in a big city. Anonymous places full of mirrors, intense colors and tacky decors make up the living environment of this eccentric looking for comfort, connection and ultimately, himself.

  • FKTF (French Kissing Tooth Fairy)

    Aline Boyen :: Belgium :: 2019

    Maxime and her friends are exploring their sexuality. When her BFF pressures her, she crosses her limits. The consequences of her actions surprise her.

  • Gehaakte liefde

    Andrew Gondsmith, Bradley Slabe :: Australia :: 2018

    Two crocheted dolls, a fox and a dinosaur, are in love with each other. When the fox is about to drown, the dinosaur must unravel itself to save the love of its life.

  • Grapefruit

    Henry Disotuar :: Belgium :: 2020

    Josee, an elderly woman, is estranged from her children but longs for the closeness of a family. When a young girl crosses her path, a friendship cautiously blossoms. Could this be an opportunity to beat her loneliness?

  • Howling

    Laura Van Haecke :: Belgium :: 2020

    Nine-year-old Bo moves to the countryside with her mother and half-sister Rani. She decides the fields and farms are pretty boring and cannot wait for the weekend, when her father is coming to pick her up.

  • Kom Hier

    Marieke Elzerman :: Belgium :: 2020

    Sam is a timid young woman who works as a dog groomer in an animal shelter in Ostend. When a nervous young woman asks her for help training her dog, Sam decides to help out in her own way.


    Vincent Tilanus :: Netherlands :: 2020

    Best friends Cas and Naomi are graduating from high school and spend every day together. They have been best friends for years, and feel totally safe with each other.

  • Mia

    Christina Vandekerckhove :: Belgium :: 2020

    Home nurse Mia makes her daily visits: her patients are a single man, a mother battling addiction, a wealthy old woman and her son. All the interactions confront Mia with herself.

  • Oxygen

    Rocky Grispen, Violette Belzer :: Belgium :: 2020

    On a distant planet, an astronaut doctor suffers from a lack of oxygen. In order to survive and see her daughter again one day, she faces heartbreaking decisions. She pays a heavy price, as a person and as a doctor.

  • Perpetual Night

    Pedro Peralta :: Portugal :: 2020

    Spain, 1939. During the night two Falangist Guards appear at the house where Paz is taking refuge with her family. Paz immediately understands the fatality of this visit.

  • So We Live

    Rand Abou Fakher :: Belgium :: 2020

    A seemingly normal night for a family in a war zone. One moment looks very ordinary, the next it is all about survival.

  • Split-Up

    Katja Jansen :: Belgium :: 2020

    After a painful breakup, a young couple’s life splits in half. For him, a burden has been lifted and he jumps into the single life again. She is devastated and seeks comfort with her friends. Their lives happen to intersect again in a club.

  • Stephanie

    Leonardo van Dijl :: Belgium :: 2020

    After winning her first international title, the pressure for an 11-year-old gymnast mounts. A new level of self-awareness emerges. The more recognition she receives, the more she realizes she is only at the beginning of a tricky game.

  • The Affected

    Rikke Gregersen :: Norway :: 2020

    Minutes before take-off, a passenger refuses to sit down in an attempt to prevent the deportation of a man on board of the plane.

  • The Alien Nightmare

    Marc Antoine Alonso, Lauriane Balestrat, Elie Berthoumieu, Alexis Sabalza, Lucas Soupou :: France :: 2020

    In the middle of the night a UFO with three aliens lands on Earth. They set out to discover this special and completely unknown world.

  • The Art of Lying

    Mathijs F Scheepers :: Belgium :: 2020

    A couple tries to lie to an insurance agent and steal money from their theft insurance. But the broker is determined to expose their lies.

  • The Lost Bicycle of Ghent

    Lukas Gevaert :: Belgium :: 2020
    Even though Ghent was voted cycling city of the year, a fundamental problem remains
    unsolved. We are talking about the sad fate of countless old, abandoned and neglected
  • White Goldfish

    Raf Roosens, Jan Roosens :: Belgium :: 2020

    10-year-old Stella stumbles upon her mother’s intimate relationship with the mysterious Patty. As she punishes her mother, she is also confronted with the complexity of adult relationships.

  • Wildflowers - The Children of Never

    Ammen S. Ogedengbe :: Belgium :: 2020

    During a boring summer vacation, new girl Willow tries to find her way in a very special boarding school. She is trying to come to terms with her traumatic past.


    Ada Güvenir :: Belgium :: 2020

    A modern love story in which half of a couple goes missing. The other half looks for the love of his life, in order to feel complete again.

  • Zonder Meer

    Meltse Van Coillie :: Belgium :: 2020

    In the middle of summer, a six-year-old boy disappears on a campsite. We see the events unfold through the eyes of little Lucie and her older brother Jeroom.