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Artist in Focus: Hélène Devos

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This short film programme is available from 5 Dec (00:00) to 12 Dec (23:00)

This compilation can be seen during the entire duration of the festival (5 Dec (00:00) to 12 Dec (23:00))
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Actress Hélène Devos graduated from the Conservatory in 2011 as one of Dora van der Groen's last students. She soon joined the core ensemble of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the city where she still lives and works. Devos is a purebred theater actress, but you may also recognize her from her roles in the TV series Lice Mother and the film Belgica, for which she received an Ensor nomination. She also regularly appears in short films, where she often excels in portraying characters who struggle with life internally.

All films are available with English subtitles.

This compilation contains the following short films: