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+/- 82 minutes

This short film programme is available from 5 Dec (00:00) to 12 Dec (23:00)

This compilation can be seen during the entire duration of the festival (5 Dec (00:00) to 12 Dec (23:00))
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You can ask question both during the screening as well as during the Q&A itself.
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ASMR - which has been a trend on YouTube for years - stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response: a pleasant, tingling sensation that starts at the crown of your head and is evoked by specific sounds or images. Not everyone is sensitive to ASMR stimuli, but everyone is welcome at ASMRelax, where ASMR short films are supplemented with various types of slow cinema. Slow down time and let the peace and relaxation seep in through your eyes and ears. With an introduction by clinical psychologist Nathalie Van den Meutter.

All films are available with English subtitles.


This compilation contains the following short films: