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Info session of Jef - Short film in the classroom

+/- minutes

This compilation is only viewable via livestream on 9 Dec (14:00)
including live Q&A's with the directors


Deze infosessie is gratis live te bekijken op woensdag 9.02 - 14.00.

Gelieve deze pagina opnieuw te bezoeken voor de link.

You can ask question both during the screening as well as during the Q&A itself.
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Learn to actively watch and discuss short film. Based on Jacinta Agten's short film Melanie, you will gain insight into the structure of a film and the cinematographic finesse. You train yourself in actively looking and listening. You will then be inspired to discuss films in terms of content as well as artistically. We share some generic working methods that you can also apply to other short films or videos (documentaries, news items, etc.).

This info session is only spoken in Dutch.