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Opening Night Short Film Festival Leuven 2020

+/- minutes

This compilation is only viewable via livestream on 5 Dec (19:30)
including live Q&A's with the directors

This title is not available anymore
You can ask question both during the screening as well as during the Q&A itself.
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The festival opens with no fewer than five Belgian premieres. VAF Wildcard winners Meltse Van Coillie, Leonardo Van Dijl and Hans Vannetelbosch present their latest films. In addition, with Stephanie by Leonardo Van Dijl and White Goldfish by the Roosens brothers, two films are on the menu that were played at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Nicolas Keppens presents his latest film Easter Eggs after the victory march with Wildebeest. And with Cold Meridian we take a look at three themes of this edition: ASMRelax, Hungary and Big Names, Short Films!


This compilation contains the following short films: