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This compilation is only viewable via livestream on 12 Dec (22:00)
including live Q&A's with the directors


Deze vertoning is pas beschikbaar vanaf 12.12.2020 (22.00).

You can ask question both during the screening as well as during the Q&A itself.
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The Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) is the beating heart of the Flemish film industry and actively supports young, emerging film talent. To this end, the VAF annually awards "Wildcards" to the most promising graduation projects of bachelor or master students from Flemish film schools. We are happy to present a fifth wild card this year, in the brand new scenario category. The coveted wildcards are allocated by a specific jury per category and are traditionally awarded at the Leuven Short Film Festival. The long list of former winners who went on to build a successful career in film proves that a single wild card can be a serious boost for any motivated film maker. But wildcards bring about a lot of beauty in the short term too, as the prize money is used to make a new short film. This year, check out the Flemish competition with films by wildcard winners David Williamson, Liesbet van Loon, Leonardo Van Dijl, Jasmine Elsen, Daniel Granados, Hans Vannetelbosch and Meltse van Coillie.

Yamina Takkatz
Anthony Nti
Tom Denoyette
Lize Lefaible
Charlotte Vandermeersch
Doruntina Islamaj
Kristof Bilsen
Antoine Vermeesch
Seppe Vanhaecke
Margje De Koning
Dorien van de Pas
Fikry El Azzouzi
Lien Willaert
Alexandra Mores
Hisko Hulsing
Viviane Vanfleteren
Laura Vandewynckel
Neville Marcinkowski
Baloji Tshiani
Eva Giolo
Ulrike Lindmayr
Anouk De Clercq
Rumi Kaul