Guest Screenings

During the guest screenings, the festival's loyal partners will show you their favourite short films from this edition. Discover the selections from Canvas, Humo, and Sabam.

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Canvas Selects

Canvas has a heart for film, and that definitely holds true for short film as well. Traditionally, Canvas is the generous donator of the Audience Award, both for the best Flemish fiction film as well as the best Flemish animation film. But there is more. On the exclusive Canvas Selects Evening, the culture-loving network presents their own selection of Flemish short films, interchanged with interviews with the film makers.

Guests: Britt Raes, Charlotte Lybaert, Evelien Declercq, Jennifer Heylen, Michael Abay, Nelson Polfliet, Nyk Alidor Dekeyser

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Humo Award

Flanders' most self-willed magazine is handing out their own short film award for the 17th time: the desired Humo Award. Humo selects their favourite Flemish short films, which will be shown in attendance of the film makers. Right after the final film, the audience will vote live for their favourite and the winner will be honoured.

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Humo Selects

No Kortfilmfestival Leuven without a Selects. The online short film magazine has been putting short films in the spotlight for years, with reviews, festival reports, interviews and as of recently, with their own video on demand platform. During the festival, will be presenting a remarkable selection of films from the entire festival programme, complemented by interviews with the directors.

Guests: Abdiwahab Ali, Douwe Dijkstra, Sebastian Schaevers

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Sabam Selects

For decades, Sabam for Culture has been working to promote, develop and protect their broad audiovisual repertoire. Sabam actively supports its authors at every step of the creation process through various grants: from the writing process to concrete realisation, through development and promotion. A selection of sponsored short films will be screened on this evening.

Filmmakers who want to apply for the grant, will pitch their film to a Sabam jury that same day at 15h The Sabam Pitch is open to the public.

Guests: Hans Dessers, Harm Dens, Jana Martens, Meltse Van Coillie, Paola Cubillos, Tim Truyens

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