Short Films for Children

Short films are made for all ages, or at least starting from two years onwards. Surprising and original stories in a child-friendly time slot, the perfect way to describe Shorts for Children! Apart from the film programme, there will also be a pie party on Sunday 26 November, and during the 'Mini Movie' workshop, children can invent and film their own little story.

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Workshop mini movie (age 8-12)

Would you rather film from super high or rather low to the ground? What do you see when filming a close-up? You get the chance to experiment with moving images and test different framing and camera angles. You puzzle together a small scene, make a storyboard, and then you shoot your own mini-movie.

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Pie Party

Sunday, 26 November, we're having a party! Anyone with a ticket for a children's performance can exchange their ticket for a piece of cake that day. Bon appétit!

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